dreamalley answered your question: Lets play a game

TrueLoveKiss, FairyGodmother, WickedFairytale, OneFable, WhiteKnight, Damsel-in-Distress ?

Ahh! Sorry! I only saw this today D:

Thanks for the suggestions, but the only one I like is the damsel one. Which isn’t free. Thinking of different ways of putting it or using it/parts of it.

kaitoleen answered your question: Lets play a game

i think you should keep the one you have. or change it to ‘vee’ xD;

Vee is too short! I like the current one, but you know, I’ve had that itchy feeling that a change is in need. But it has to be a great change! D: lol

January 22, 2013
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  1. kaitoleen said: i don’t see a problem with having a short username. Anyway, I like the one you have now.
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